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Isuzu Dmax Vcross and Tata Xenon 4x4 kits by Dr. Nano Composite Leaf Spring Suspension size 1400-720
Detailed description of dr. nano composite leaf spring suspensions for 4x4 vehicles and lift kit

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Composite Mono-Leaf Springs 

Composite Leaf Spring Suspension – also known as Carbon Fibre Leaf Spring Suspension and CFLs among 4×4 enthusiasts, is a mono-leaf system which directly replaces conventional metal leaf springs and is specially made to give a comfortable ride in 2WD and 4WD vehicles for on-road and off-road purpose depending upon the customer’s requirement. Read More…

Nano-Composite Coil Springs

Nano-Composite Coil Spring Suspension – a nano-technology based product developed by Dr. Nano to overcome major drawback of coil spring sagging. The metal core is coated with fibrillar nano-particles uniformly to increase the life. A patented product by Dr. Nano for ‘Final Product’ & ‘The Process to Manufacture It’ is used as a performance coil springs in the vehicles for better road stability and high comfort. This is a direct replacement to OEM coil springs. It is most widely used in the application where the strength of the coil spring should not deteriorate. Read More…

Assistive Composite C-Springs

Assistive Composite C-Springs – a high-technology developed with the high grade fibres to work in assistance with the existing metal coil springs in the automobile application. The design has also been considered for custom applications. It is a patented product by Dr. Nano for ‘Final Product’, “The Process to Manufacture It’ & ‘Fitment’ is used as a complete replacement for the weakened coil/leaf springs and also is used as an assisting suspension system where the later system is known as ‘Composite Assistive C-Spring Suspension’. Read More…

Custom Suspension Systems

Custom Suspension systems – with a vast range of composite suspension manufacturing techniques such as Composite Mono-Leaf Springs, Nano-Composite Coil Springs and Composite C-Spring Suspension, and an expertise formed over years of successful work in the field of suspensions, we believe in making a good product for your purpose. We have developed many custom required suspension systems such as Read More…

dr nano composite suspensions carbon fiber composite mono leaf spring suspension for toyota ford isuzu chevrolet gmc made in india for 4x2 4x4 4wd vehicles cars and pickup trucks liftkit.
Dr. Nano Composite Carbon Fiber Mono-Leaf Spring Suspension for Toyota Isuzu Ford Mahindra GMC Mazda Hilux for high comfort 4x4 4wd vehicles and pickup trucks made in India
Fibro-Tech Auto 4×4 Accessories

Fibro-tech 4×4 Accessories – Dr. Nano has been manufacturing 4×4 accessories for 4×4 automobile application which have a huge demand in Indian market. We manufacture a wide range of accessories and also with custom ranges. One among it is Ham Antennas (Conditioning and Non-conditioning), Flag Poles, Read More…

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